Cowboy Cauldron Attends Charleston Wine and Food Festival

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Recently, Cowboy Cauldron was lucky to participate in the 10th annual Charleston Wine and Food Festival. This five-day festival had over 107 events displayed unparalleled culinary masterpieces with chefs from all around. Dozens of tents offer different tastings from various chefs and libations to samples by the dozens being offered to taste and buy.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the festival included a new edition called the Culinary Village. The village included a range of chef-lad demonstrations and tasting opportunities, as well as the chance to frolic in a plastic ball tank, smoke cigars and paint wine bottles.

Outside of the new attraction, the festival had incredible events from going fishing with some of the chefs to shopping at the Asian market in North Charleston. There was cross culture BBQ which included Cowboy Cauldron, where put masters paired up with some of the top chefs both locally as well as guest chefs. Some visitors were even lucky enough to stand by a chef to learn how they were cooking their meal.

Let’s look at some of the highlights Cowboy Cauldron had during the event.

chef kevin johnsonAbove is Chef Kevin Johnson getting ready for his meal – spring onion fondue with Spanish anchovies and parmesan.

1Here we see Chef Kevin Johnson’s sous chef preparing the meal on Cowboy Cauldron’s Ranch Boss.


3Above is Chef John Fink who cooked fried oysters with chorizo for his meal.


4Chef Matt Bolus

6Here is Chef Matt Bolus preparing saffron aioli pork loin on the Cowboy Cauldron.

7Chef Scott Crawford getting ready to start his meal of suckling pig with stewed onions and apple mustard.

8Chef Scott Crawford preparing his pork on the Ranch Boss.


10Above is Chef George Medes cooking quail and shrimp surf and turf on the Cowboy Cauldron Ranch Boss.

12Up close shot of Chef Harper Bradshaw cooking squid chilies and avocados on the grill.

Each chef showed their individual talent and how diverse cooking can be when using the Ranch Boss. We feel very privileged that we got to meet so many people who appreciate fine foods and wine. We loved being apart of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and we hope to be involved for years to come.