The Wrangler

36 in. Diameter / 130 lb. Basin



What’s Included

  • The Wrangler Cauldron

  • Tripod Frame

  • Suspension Chain

  • Charcoal Grate & Support

  • 3-Piece Chromed Steel, Truss Reinforced Hinged Grill

  • Aluminum Composite Rain Cover


  • Basin Diameter: 36 in.

  • Basin Weight: 130 lbs.

  • Tripod Height: 79 in.

  • Tripod Width: 85 in. Point to Point Approximately

    Perfect for Chefs

    You probably aren’t a professional chef. But if you are, buy this unit.

    Chefs who use the Wrangler need a bold visual statement and lots of grilling space, but also need some portability. If you aren’t actually cooking for a living, but are the type of host(ess) whose friends constantly suggest should open a restaurant, then here’s your Cauldron. With versatility that can only be matched by the Ranch Boss, but without the extra capacity and weight, the Wrangler is “right in the pocket” for lots of folks.

    And even if you never roast so much as a hot dog on it, the ambience and beauty of The Wrangler will set you, and your yard, apart from all the others in ways you already intuit.

    Built to Last a Lifetime, and More.

    Made by hand, one at a time, from solid, seamless plate steel.

    Single-point suspended basin with adjustable height to fit any space.

    No tools required, sets up in seconds.

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