Cauldrons change things. They change the way you use your yard. They change the way you entertain. They change your attitude.

Our company is about fun, creativity, and style. What you do with a Cauldron is up to you. The clean, timeless lines of a Cauldron compliment stark modern architecture as well as rustic log homes, and everything in between. Some things in life are fixed. The person with the fire is the leader of the clan, no matter how small or how temporary the clan might be. Whether the leader has any style is another matter, entirely.


Find Your Size

Cauldrons end up in some of the world’s greatest places. Some of our favorites Cauldron sites have postcard views and sit on large pieces of land. Some of our units go out on horse, boat, snowmobile, and other adventures to fabulous and exotic locales. But even so, some of our favorite Cauldrons burn in regular backyards.

We sell lots of Cauldrons, and are happy to give you guidance regarding size, use, or to give you any other data points that will help you make a sound decision. We talk to landscape architects, designers, folks rebuilding their yards, and people giving Cauldrons as gifts. Each situation is different, and we will do our best to help in any way we can. Check out the link below, and call us if you need to. Unlike most websites, we try to have a live person answering the phone during business hours. Go figure.


The Cauldron Society

A remarkable thing has happened in the past few years. As Cauldrons have made their way around the world, word has come back to us that, completely independently, groups of people have created what they call “The Cauldron Society.” It’s the group name that people who share the times and tales of their lives around a Cauldron have given themselves.

And you know what? That’s exactly the name we came up with when we started hosting burns back in the DC area! The very first Cauldron created this phenomenon, and honestly, we think it’s pretty damn cool. Now, we can’t tell you what our Cauldron Society traditions and ritual are, because they are secret. As secret as the occasional tequila binge allows for, anyway…. Better to get your own group around a Cauldron and create the traditions that work for best for you.

We are proud that our products are creating this much happiness, and astonished that the way it expresses itself seems to be so consistent, no matter where they might be. There is definitely something to all of this. In fact, it’s a pretty deep topic. Probably a good one one for the next Cauldron Society meeting.