Wood Fired Traditions of Central Europe Part 1

We think it is important to keep an open mind and an open eye. Without the curiosity to learn more, your options and your mind begin to close. Things are tough enough without going through life thinking you know it all. more

Wood Fired Traditions of Central Europe Part 3

Our exploration of central European culinary and outdoor tradition took us next to Poland.

To be honest, Poland wasn’t anywhere near the top of the bucket list. But the opportunity arose, and we went for it.


Cowboy Cauldron on FoodQuest

Food Quest takes audiences on a global culinary adventure with epicurean lifestyle leader Robin Leach and co-host, model Kim Alexis. Join them as they meet the world’s finest chef’s, explore their restaurants, and learn the secrets behind producing the world’s most exciting and delicious foods. more

Austin Hot Luck Festival

Austin – Capital city of the Independent Republic of Texas, and a very cool place.

Cowboy Cauldron Company and Butter Pat Industries were invited to the first-ever Hot-Luck Festival in that fair city; a live-fire only showcase of some of the best chefs in America. more